Make your development cooler and easier with MIDI controllers

CALAMIDI (pronounced as “Calamity”) is a plugin for Unity designed to enable the use of MIDI controllers as a form of input for creators developing on Mac, Linux, and Windows. CALAMIDI’s inception was inspired by developers using MIDI controllers as a debugging device, like William Chyr, creator of Manifold Garden, as well as a primary controller for the game, such as Nour, developed by TJ Hughes.

The primary goal of CALAMIDI is to make MIDI controller integration quick and easy so that developers can jump right into creating with these tools at their disposal. Developers can use pre-existing components to quickly hookup existing functions to their controller for rapid prototyping, testing, and tweaking. Whether it is a button combination to reset your game during a demo or a knob to help you find that Magic Number, CALAMIDI makes it simple to extend your development toolset.

None (Personal Project)

PC, Mac, Linux


Project Status:
In Progress